The simple, short & resource specific license are outlined below with relevant licensing FAQs


You Can

Purchase any product on the website at any time, if available to you.
Only use one discount code at a time during checkout.
Use any sounds purchased however you like unless the seller/vendor states otherwise.
Download the same purchase in your account up to 5 times only.
Distribute your compositions where ever you like.
Contact the seller/vendor regarding your purchased product at anytime.

You Can Not

Not upload Products to file-sharing or Torrent sites, or to Peer-2-peer file sharing sites, as this is illegal
Not resell the Products and/or Material to any third party.
Transfer a license unless certain software/products allow you todo so to a third party.
Make copies of the products with the intention to give, sell, loan, broadcast, send or transmit to friends and family or anyone else.