Changes and Updates

by soundpremier in New & Updates on 31st March 2018

Sound Premier has recently updated and launched its v5.0 version. It is now easier to navigate around the website for all the users including vendors/sellers. The Submission forms have also been updated to simply the upload process for all sound packs posted by the vendors/sellers. We have also decided to add a new feature, which allows vendors/sellers to gain followers and have their own store filled with all their work.

If you are new to Sound Premier, then you must know that we are always making new changes and adding new features. We are always slowly improving and expanding our website and soon it will be larger than it is right now.

Most of you may lose your purchased downloads during these changes, but its not the end of the world just yet. We store your downloads on our servers, so if you happen to be one of those individuals, just contact us with the order details required and we will restore/send you whatever is missing.

If you experience some issues with navigating around the website, please try using different browsers e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox etc. Some browsers tend to be incompatible with certain aspects of the site, which are currently being updated.


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